Southern food is the best







The first time I ever had a seafood boil was in Austin, back in the summer of 1995. I wandered into a southern style restaurant armed only with my two fellow road warriors, and a dozen thinly crumpled one dollar bills. We sat down at a giant wooden table, thirsty and tired from spending the morning in the sun. Our server was a middle aged blonde woman who brought us tall glasses of water and large sheets of wax paper. I stared down at the paper, perplexed. I noticed there wasn’t any silverware on the table. After gulping down the glass of water, I took a peek at the menu. Louisiana crawfish, crawfish etoufee, chicken & sausage jambalaya, and chicken and sausage gumbo. I didn’t know what the hell etuufee was, and had never tried jambalaya, so I ordered the crawfish. Ten or so minutes passed by before the server came back to the table with a small tin bucket. She dumped the contents of the bucket on top of the wax paper, and what came out of that bucket was profound. Bright red crawfish, steaming and beautiful, glistened before my eyes. The smell was intoxicating! After savoring the sight of the giant pile of crustaceans in front of me, I began to eat. My life has never been the same.



10 thoughts on “Southern food is the best

    • I agree! There is nothing quote like an oyster po’ boy , or chicken, shrimp and andouille jambalaya. I can get pretty tasty southern dishes up here in New England, but nothing compares to the food and ambience of the south.

      • Living in New England, I have to agree. Southern food was a wonderful part of growing up in the south.

      • Absolutely! Where in the south did you grow up? I currently live in Portland, Maine. There are dozens of excellent food choices up here, but it still doesn’t compare to southern cooking!

      • I grew up in Texas. I now live in New Hampshire and have a summer cottage in Naples, Maine…so I guess you could say we are neighbors. 🙂

      • Very nice! Hello neighbor! Naples is beautiful! I was just up in Camden not too long ago. NH is lovely during the summer months. I love Austin. West Texas is stunningly beautiful!

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