95 and rising…









9 thoughts on “95 and rising…

  1. weirdly, these convey the heat very well. here in new orleans we’re feeling the burn. your photography is very good. it all evokes an emotional response, a rare gift! keep shootin.

    • Louis, thank you. I was in Florida the day these photos were taken.The south is my favorite part of the country to photograph. I lived in Florida for five years, and always had an opportunity to shoot. I am back in my native New England, and miss the south terribly. As for New Orleans, how do you stay cool? I am due for a visit to that lovely city.

      • hi leah. when i first moved here nearly 20 years ago i thought the summer’s were completely intolerable and couldn’t imagine getting used to it. but you do acclimate after a while. for people who have not acclimated i recommend always having bottle water on hand (i’ve seen many a tourist wobble near heat stroke due to dehydration) and take plenty of air conditioning breaks. you can get through it that way.

        florida is even more brutal than new orleans (parts of it at least) so depending on where you lived you get some props for those five years.

        thanks for your kind words about my city. right now the biggest threat is developers. seems we are always in the throes of protesting some proposed high-rise or other. it gets old, but you have to defend — you know?

        give a holler next time yr down this way.

      • Such a lovely city to live….what kind of changes have occurred in the past 20 years? I hear there has been a lot of gentrification in certain neighborhoods since the hurricane.

        Are most businesses and homes in New Orleans air conditioned? I lived on the Gulf of Mexico….one block from the ocean. The breeze from the ocean was lovely, but Florida does get brutally hot during the summer months.

        I traveled through New Orleans during the summer, back when I was a teenager, and it was very hot. The heat does not bother me. I would like to visit this fall, and again in the spring.

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