The burnt violet sky hung heavy over the swell of sweaty bodies on East 6th Street. The street brimmed with drifters, bouncers, and cowboy wannabes. All of them swayed and danced under a collective alcohol induced spell. Music blasted and a group of drunk frat boys hollered obscenities at a tall drag queen.They jostled their way past me as I rounded a corner near the old Ritz Theatre, searching for a quieter place. I swore at them under my breath and continued on down the street. Suddenly, a blue dodge charger pulled up beside me, the driver whistling. “Hey baby, what’s going on?” he smiled, revealing a set of gold teeth. “Leave me alone,” I muttered, cutting down a one way street. “Come back here, baby!” he shouted, revving the engine. Latino music pulsated from the car. I slipped….


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