“If you are the movement…

“If you are the movement of your soul, and the cause of that movement precedes you, then how could you ever call your thoughts your own?”

R. Scott Bakker

R. Scott Bakker wrote the brilliant book Neuropath in 2008. Endlessly spooky and thought provoking.


3 thoughts on ““If you are the movement…

  1. I am glad you enjoy it…Bakker has a brilliant blog on here somewhere…Neuropath is stunning…I thought about it for weeks after I read it and even thought about discussing it in my psychology class..

  2. I read once that the mona lisa was a picture of leonardo da vinci’ soul and he was quoted at saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul. I would agree with R. Scott Bakker’s quote and am now intrigue to look further into his work.Thank you.

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