Bedřich Smetana-The Moldau

A beautiful song which evokes Czech composer Smetana’s love for his homeland, as well as the rivers that run through it.


4 thoughts on “Bedřich Smetana-The Moldau

  1. First post I see gives me Smetana – in sound – and first ‘click’, on poetry, takes me to Dylan Thomas, then there’s the BMW at the top. Hell, I’ve got to follow this blog! Thanks for the ‘like’ on my ‘Sky picture haiku’ which hooked me to it. grumpytyke.

  2. There you are again! I couldn’t find you and couldn’t remember the name of your blog… but I remembered how much I liked it… what is happening with your novel or short story, the one with the Waffle house and the wild teenagers? good luck on your new abode, looks nice! SB

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