Last days in Florida…


(photo) The Old Northeast, St. Petersburg, Florida


(photo) Clearwater Beach, Florida


(photo) Treasure Island, Florida


8 thoughts on “Last days in Florida…

      • Unfortunately, no. I lived in Pinellas Park as a child and I returned there a number of years ago. Spent time in Tampa and Clearwater and got cooked on the beach! Florida isn’t kind to red heads… LOL!
        I will admit though, that given half a chance I would move back even if I had to live in a tent to do it.

      • Oh wow! I was just in P.P about a month ago. Had dinner at a Cajun restaurant on a bayou…near Park Blvd. Clearwater and Tampa have lovely spots.I am partial to St. Pete because it has so much going on right now. In regards to the sun, it is very harsh! I am Irish-American and had to slather myself with sunscreen before leaving the house. Despite the heat, I have a lot of affection for Florida. I understand wanting to move back!

      • I will totally take you up on it. My whole family is from Gainsville, I was born in Boca, and I have an Uncle still in West Palm so I will definitely travel around when I go next!

      • Fantastic. Yeah, the old NE is stunning. Many old craftsman bungalows, brick streets and lovely little cafe’s. I have never been to Gainsville but I have heard really nice things about the place!

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