I have a thing for southern porches and architecture. The past few years, I have lived in an old Florida home with split level porches. The city where I live has hundreds of craftsman bungalows and mid century ranch homes. The neighborhood is sprinkled with large, antebellum-esque homes with porches. The sun porch on the upper floor where I live is gigantic. It took me several days to paint it, which was both relaxing and hot…I strung up some small lights and placed a round table with plenty of chairs in my favorite corner. The ceiling fans make it a really nice place to sit in the evening. I often read the newspaper and have my morning coffee on the porch. Lately it has been too hot…but I won’t see another summer here in the next few years. I will be moving to New England to begin a new job in June.


10 thoughts on “Porch

  1. Hey Leah, there is nothing like having coffee on the porch. We have missed it since will sold my wife’s old cracker house, grrr…..We will be moving also, but to Tallahassee. I wish you all the best with your move, and look forward to your postings from there.

    ps. I posted this in response to your comment on my work:

    Many thanks Leah – there are a whole bunch of old gasoline stations that I have not photographed yet. Usually they are set back a little from the highway, and the vegetation hides them till one is right on top of them. So, as I drive by, I miss them.
    I may have to steal Ed Rauscha’s concept/title and do Twentysix Gasoline Stations or something like that. Actually I don’t think there are 26 of them.

    Best wishes -c-

  2. Christian,

    I agree, the porch is a great place to hang out in the morning.If it isn’t too hot, I bring my laptop and write..but it has been in the upper 80’s lately…

    I really like cracker houses…they are beautiful in their antique ramshackle loneliness. I have enjoyed many of your photographs, and imagine it must have been hard to part ways with something that has so much history.I think it is important to photograph old relics before they become completely vanquished by those who do not appreciate the beauty or importance of older structures, even if the old buildings or signs are mundane….there is nothing mundane about a cracker house…they are super cool.I would love to see more photos of some of the old gas station signs. I wish I had taken more road trips while in Florida…so many opportunities for great shots.

    There is a photograph that Dennis Hopper took in Los Angeles in the 1960’s of an intersection that is iconic.Anyway, I will keep checking out your work. Good luck on the move! I have never been to Tallahassee, but I hear it has some lovely old buildings.


    • They are majestic and charming. I am a New England girl…the visual of the classic NE Cape comes to mind, or the old Frenchman style homes in Maine with the front porches. These architectural styles are all nice..but there is something about southern homes…we have an interesting mix of everything here..Many people would be surprised to discover the hidden treasures that Florida has to offer in the way of architecture.

  3. I like the way you arranged the tables, chairs and candle holders in your beautiful porch. The bluish green color of the walls gave the room a cool and refreshing feeling which is perfect for Florida’s hot Summer. I wish you all the best in your New England job.

    • Thank you so much. It is a bit of a ramshackle sitting area, but I like it that way. As for the colors, sea foam green is a favorite. I chose a shade that was light..trying to evoke the color of the water down here. I won’t see to many bright colors in New England, but I will make sure to take photos of the northern, rustic charm. Thanks again!

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