Goat Cheese Ice Cream with Red Cherries from The Fresh Market

Goat Cheese Ice Cream with Cherries from The Fresh Market

I love wandering into the Fresh Market. The combo of classical music and the sheer abundance of gourmet food causes my endorphins to spike. The ice cream section is particularly alluring. The many shelves are always stocked with tasty, unusual flavors. Since I can’t afford most of the brands that I find intriguing, I have decided that I will buy my own ice cream maker…or build one…how to build one, I don’t know..but I am clever and can probably figure it out. Anyway, if I do get my own ice cream maker, I won’t ever pay $10.99 again for exotic brands because I will create my own damn flavors. A writer from GQ wrote about making his own flavors, including whiskey flavored ice cream…I don’t drink, but if I did I would be all over that…Forget fancy pants flavors such as basil or kaffir lime (which I do enjoy, but cannot afford), I am down with making some crazy flavors…fried donut ice cream, rum and coconut with giant chocolate balls, triple caffeinated ice cream with Entenmann’s coffee cake…you get the idea…

J’ai envie d’une glace!


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