These photographs were taken while visiting beautiful Anna Maria Island. The island is a barrier island located off the coast of Manatee County, Florida.The restaurant featured above is called Sign of the Mermaid, and it is quite possibly one of the most romantic places I have ever eaten dinner..and I have had the pleasure of eating at some great places. I ordered the orange blossom baked brie with blue crab cakes. The dishes were amazing and the service was fantastic. I highly recommend it!


6 thoughts on “Florida

    • Florida is so many things. I never thought I would ever move here, but after a trip in 2005 I became enamoured.I try and avoid US 19, which is made up of strip malls and endless billboards.The city where I live is beautiful. The nearby beaches are some of the prettiest I have ever seen.There are five museums within walking distance of my house, as well as many decent educational institutions, including Eckerd College. There are great artists here and good food. I adore my neighborhood, and really wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the state.

      • i love disney. my kids wants to work there, and so do i when i retire. which is now. i want to move there so my kid can get a good break on college tuition. and i love hot weather. and beaches and oceans.

      • Yup, I dig the subtropical weather and the beaches. I have only driven through Orlando, but from what I know of it, the city has a bustling downtown with excellent food. I suppose many people may think of it as a cultural wasteland, but I find it intriguing. I really want to check out the giant mountain ride with the abominable snowman. Are you familiar with it? If you feel compelled to move there, love the place, think your kids will be happy and prosper…go for it.

      • expedition everest. great ride. they wanted to make it higher, but then it would’ve needed one of those red blinking lights for aircraft to see it, and they thought the light would ruin the atmosphere of the ride.

      • That’s it! I imagine it is super fast. Haven’t been on a rollercoaster in years…usually stick to the small, older rides…teacups. I am not one for long lines or large crowds but I would totally check it out if I ever find myself at Disney. Oh, and the visual of the giant monster jumping out at people makes me smile.

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