Coffee and Waffles




If long term alcohol abuse can bring on delirium tremens, then too much caffeine may  make me just as demented. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about the tremens, but I have been getting the shakes of another kind. I usually take it easy on the caffeine…two to three cups a day. One cup in the morning and maybe another in the afternoon. Lately I have been drinking so much of it that I am turning into a maniacal, excessively hyper crackpot. I am at times loquacious, but the past few days I have been chatty and highly caffeinated. Not a pleasant combo for those whom I spend time with. Anyhow, I haven’t been able to sleep, so I just write, write, write the night away. Perhaps this can all be attributed to stress. I just finished taking five classes, and I am moving next week…1,697 miles to be exact. Once I arrive at my destination and become settled in, I am sure I will return to my normal self..but will I cut back on my coffee intake?

* Photos were taken from my trip morning trip to the local Waffle House. No one makes a pecan waffle quite like W.H. Yum.


2 thoughts on “Coffee and Waffles

    • Yeah, I think they need to expand….the company should begin an immediate takeover of the country. I will be moving away from Waffle House territory, which is a bummer. I don’t eat there often…usually just go for their delicious pecan waffles…they are best waffles in the South.

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