Hello there….



5 thoughts on “Hello there….

  1. Being ‘all over’ is perfectly ok.- because you full realize that life is ‘all over’ – having things all under control is just an illusion. Boy, you have been through a lot of hell and I hope and wish that things will resolve themselves and your life will be normal again. Thanks for posting those self portraits, they are great!

    • So true. One thing I strive to be is authentic… I have certain expectations of myself that are realistic. One thing I can do is continue to write, which often makes things much better. I appreciate the feedback. I am glad you enjoy my rants, heh heh.

      • Hey thanks Leah! Well, they certainly are no rants. I am totally impressed at how you are dealing with your difficulties, worries, and concerns. I do hope things will return to a more even keel and that you are, and will be feeling well.
        What I want to know is how are you dealing with the people who have ‘just the fix/cure’ for what is going on, and who had a cousin who had the same thing, and she went to this place in Mexico and ate peach pits, and now she is totally fine.
        With my best wishes -c-

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