Rumi and Politics


“People of the world don’t look at themselves, and so they blame one another.”


How is it that an ancient theologian sufi mystic poet from the 13th century could have been so right? Rumi wrote many gorgeous poems about wisdom and love, but what is most striking to me is how tolerant he was towards all religions. No such people exist in the current vacuum that is our mainstream media. If they do, their  voices are drowned out by the incessant bickering of talking heads who perpetuate their willful ignorance with such glee that it is often breathtaking.

Public discourse in this country has nearly disintegrated into thoughtless shouting matches amongst neanderthalesque individuals who profess to know everything,including how people should live, marry, pray, and so on. Many of the individuals I speak of would be wise to take some advice from Rumi. Quit pointing their fingers, shaking them angrily at the world, and turn them inward. They may learn a few things about themselves.


2 thoughts on “Rumi and Politics

  1. This is one of the reasons I named my blog Silently Heard. I believe we should embrace each others differences and accept each other for who we/they are. You have your theory and I have mine. I will try to respect your views if we don’t agree and I hope you would do the same for me. But that’s not how it works in reality. If you are different, think, look or act then I don’t like you and will tell everyone else not to like you either. It’s sad and as I said last night it takes up too much energy to be angry and hate. This is energy that can be better used to make ourselves happy.

  2. Well spoken. Tolerance has leaked into the gutters and is nowhere to be found, which is why I avoid television at all costs. Unfortunately, propaganda does not end with the smashing of one’s T.V. (I actually never smashed a T.V., but I did throw a broken record player out a window once), It is all around us. The mainstream media programs in our country have, for the most part, gone berserk. I try to enlighten myself by reading, writing, and doing things that I enjoy.

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