Quote for the day

Quote for the day

“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering”


22 thoughts on “Quote for the day

      • It has been my experience that my late 20’s seemed to have whizzed past in a flurry. I very much enjoy trying to slow down, while doing as much as I can WITH each day…if that makes any sense…heh heh.

      • Yes it does. Time has been picking up speed rapidly for me too. I don’t remember when I reached my 50’s. I still think like the woman I was in my mid 30’s. Just my body won’t let me act like it. 🙂

      • Heh, well you are very youthful looking. I am Irish-American, which means staying out of the sun, which I don’t do. I have never been a sun goddess, but I would probably make due just fine living off the coast of Ireland on a nomadic island where the monks once dwelled.

      • I have to advoid the sun too. I have lupus. And make up is a wonderful thing. 🙂 My mirror tells me. You have the pretty red hair. And beautiful delicate features. The one thing I learnedly and of course didn’t do is exercise. I was using oxygen last year. I went to a rehabilitate, I no longer use oxygen. I drink water, I always liked water I think that was a big help. These are the things I tell my daughters. Because as what started this conversation, time doesn’t wait for us. Enjoy your life we only get one. I try not to get angry or stay sad it such a waste of time and besides. Years later you’ll forget most of the things that make you angry.

      • Glad you like the advice. Yes I have sle, my mother did too and I knew it since I was young but my ana, sed. were always normal I was diagnosed September 2008 and didn’t get stable until November 2011. Do you have lupus also? if you want we can go to emails silentlyheard@gmail.com

      • lol!! Did you see that lady in the news that was accused of letting her young daughter get a tan at the tanning saloon. She id look like leather. She needs help because she has an addiction.

      • Yeah, yeah, she looks ancient. I thought the myth about being tan and equating it to sexiness had been vanquished? The correlation between tanning beds and skin cancer is too frightening to ignore…

      • I concur. High levels of ozone can be very bad for humans. One has to watch out for those searing rays that shoot down, especially between 10-2:00. I live in Florida, so I try and avoid being directly in the sun for long periods of time.Swimming at sunset down here is quite nice.

      • I imagine there are few places to swim in the city. I visited friends in Harlem several summers ago and there was one public swimming pool that wasn’t very pretty. I hope you find a nice pool.

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