Hair: What is the big deal?





A few months back I had a very interesting conversation with a friend of mine about American women and our obsession with hair. My friend is from Europe, and does not understand what all the fuss is about in regards to why many women in the US spend so much time fussing over the filamentous biomaterial that sprouts from our noggins. I empathize with her bewilderment, and share the same feelings about our obsessive nature with our hair.


6 thoughts on “Hair: What is the big deal?

  1. If these four photos above are of you Ms. Vagabonds&Villians…..fuck the hair, hell you’d be drop dead gorgeous if you were as bald as me. Enjoy your Easter weekend.

    • Heh, heh. I definitely don’t get the whole hair thing. I understand that many women have to do their hair for the type of job they have. Some employers demand that women “do” their hair in a specific style. I think it is a bit misogynist. Have you seen some of the talking heads over at Faux News? The female “news” anchors have some pretty awful hairstyles.Yikes.

    • Very true. There is a lot of money spent in the hair industry. Those glossy ads in magazines depicting models with perfect looking are are not real. Thank goodness I discovered Adbusters in the 1990s.

  2. 3 years ago my hair was falling out. But I didn’t care I was one to cut my hair off if I didn’t feel like doing any thing to it. almost 4 years later my hair has grown back, thicker and longer then it’s ever been. I love it and I go maybe every 2 months to get it washed and just keep it in a pony tail I want to see how long it will get. I did a video of me right after I had my hair done one time. Maybe I’ll uploaded if I can figure it out. Talk about vain. smh

    • I am very sorry to hear you lost your hair.I like the idea of the video.I have heard that it does grow back thicker and stronger. I buzzed all of mine off two years ago and it has grown back a great deal. I would say it is pretty healthy, but my days of messing with my hair are over.

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