Grace Street….rumors of a preferred future







6 thoughts on “Grace Street….rumors of a preferred future

  1. Indeed. It is not as elusive as I am. In recent months it made its way to New England and back twice. There are new cracks appearing and I fear the zipper may bust. I really should let it be.

      • In Time Square in NY there use to be a cowboy, tight jeans, real he man rugged, hot he use to stand where the coke~a~cola sign is and smoked Marlboro’s. That’s the first though that came to mind. You look very pretty, glad you stopped smoking. It’s going on 4 years for me unbelievable I smoked like a chimney.

      • Yes! We have a dude here who does the same thing…cowboy hat and all. He makes a good chunk of change. Oh, and thank you. Smoking is a pretty nasty habit. Congrats on quitting.It is one of the hardest things to do!

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