True Blood Fever

Season 5 coming this summer…..


10 thoughts on “True Blood Fever

    • I agree! You would be surprised to find out how many people actually bring food to nature parks and feed the gators. The urban gators are no longer afraid of people.It is a shame.

      • Yeah, they are pretty sedentary but will go after food.There were a few guys down the street from where I live who lured a gator with chicken.He came back day after day to get his chow. I assume he crawled out of a canal,since I have never seen gators anywhere but in water. Animal control was called and they took the gator away.Sometimes they are placed back in the wild far away.Often times they are killed. 😦

      • Totally. They get a taste for human food and they are hooked. The park where my photos were taken has no fences or anything like that. If a person gets too close to the water with food, they are putting themselves at risk. All in all, gator attacks are pretty rare, but you won’t see me walking around the park with a steak in my hand.

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