Very old postcards from a long time ago

Finding inspiration is typically not very hard for me, but I have been battling some old ghosts, and tend to get sidetracked by just about everything. I signed up for five classes this semester, which may have been a bit nuts, but I love challenges. Time is elusive, and I want to spend it wisely. Every morning I wake up with good intentions, but on most days I end up with my nose in a book, rather than writing.

Since my book is about my first trip across the country at age 17, I thought it might be interesting to dig up some old postcards that I intended to send off to old friends, but never did. I sent them from various locations across the country. A few I bought for myself and kept. I love postcards. The majority of them were written well over a decade ago, some of them are almost two decades old. They were written to Jimmy, Charity, Sarah, José, Patti, Krista, and my family, The O’Brien’s. I am old fashioned in the sense that I still write letters to those whom I love. This collection never made it to the post office.

They fit in nicely with my trunk full of old travel memorabilia.


5 thoughts on “Very old postcards from a long time ago

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