The myth of Ronald Reagan

Yesterday, I met up for coffee with one of my professor’s from school to catch up. Our conversation led to politics, as it usually does. My teacher is a classic Irish-American from New Hampshire, accent and all. He is a big union guy, worked very hard for a telephone company for many years, then decided later in his life to follow his dream of becoming a teacher. He is a fantastic teacher. Friendly, warm, funny, and very smart. I enjoy being able to sit with him and discuss my feelings in regards to the current political climate in this country. We were discussing the current lack of rational civil discourse when a mutual friend who was sitting with us mentioned Reagan. Ah, yes, the great communicator. The guy who helped back Saddam Hussein’s army, fueled the War on Drugs, perpetuated the Iran-Contra scandal, invaded Granada, tried to make abortion illegal, and cut taxes by 60% for the top 1% of the wealthy. Oh, I not going to stop now. Mr. trickle down economics was also responsible for doubling the national deficit, allowing home loan interest rates to get as high as 16%, tripling the national debt, and on top of all of this, he raised taxes eleven times. The whole debt ceiling nightmare of last year was maddening. The Republicans cried like babies when the news came that President Obama was going to raise the debt ceiling.In 2002, Republicans gave Bush their full support when they voted for him to raise the debt ceiling, seven times. Reagan also raised the debt ceiling numerous times. His reckless policies led to a rise in the homeless population, as well as the erosion of the middle class. It is amazing to me that this guy is still held up on a pedestal by folks who still believe he was a great president. In fact, his approval ratings very low by the end of his second term, and he wasn’t very popular. Yet, he has risen from the ashes. The non-stop right wing propaganda machine has created a very good revisionist version of Ronald Reagan and his years as POTUS. It is unfortunate that he is held with such high regard, considering the damage he did to this country. The myth of Ronald Reagan is alive and thriving out there in the cultural wastelands of the US of A.


6 thoughts on “The myth of Ronald Reagan

  1. Join the club, my dear…. I’ve been writing similar rants on Ronnie since my days in UC Berkeley when he was governor… I never bought into his myth at all. One of his lesser known outrages…during his years as governor, he tried to get the entire state mental hospital system to close down, nine facilities at the time, though there were no public facilities to hold or treat the tens of thousands of mentally ill and developmentally disabled who would have been put out of treatment, or even from their legal commitments as insane prisoners. Why? Because his wife, Nancy, was the listed owner of California’s only statewide franchise of convalescent hospitals, Sunset Manor, I think they were named, or something else Manor, which, oddly enough, were the only places that those people could have been sent, had his plan worked out, and the hospitals closed… just one more example of his extreme dislike for Americans of any ilk other than USC grads, and will manipulate the public for his get rich schemes at the drop of a hat…. sorry, once I start on him, it’s hard to stop…..good post, you hit a lot of his asinine records….

    • Very interesting. I am aware, to an extent in regards to the damage caused by his cutting aid to federally funded mental health programs. I haven’t researched Reagan’s policies regarding closing down mental institutions enough to really know the low down on all of it. It is maddening. Sounds pretty horrific to me. I believe his policies led to serious homeless problems in this country? I am going to look into this more thoroughly.Thanks for the info!

    • Arlen,

      I agree. They were both terrible. I would probably rank Bush at # 1, Reagan # 2, and Nixon at # 3. The one thing I can say about Nixon was at least he was intelligent.He had an IQ of 143. The other two were unintellectuals, who brought God into the political spectrum.

  2. Reagan ended unemployment compensation for VietNam Era veterans who left the military instead of re-enlisting.

    Actually, the executive order applied to all who refused re-enlistment; but, the kicker was he did it when most of the unemployed vets were VietNam veterans.

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