The day for travel via two wheels has come…

Earlier today I received a call from my father regarding a new scooter that he was after. Not just any any scooter, mind you, but a Stella. Yes, the tangerine scooter of my dreams. The one that I dream about at night…riding on the clouds during a tropical monsoon, my body soaked with jasmine scented water..the air a mixture of sea salt and orange blossoms…OK, I am getting carried away…Anyhow, I am super stoked for my father and look forward to cruising along the beautiful New England coast during the summer months when I go up to visit. In the meantime, I am still searching for my own dream scooter. I tend to be very¬†indecisive when it comes to making big purchases. I suppose this has something to do with being raised in a thrifty family. In any case, I would like to purchase a scooter soon. The weather is lovely where I am, but it won’t stay like this for long. Before I know it I will be sucking on ice, spending my afternoons with my books, lounging by my AC unit. The time for a scooter is now.

The above photo will be me one day soon. Well, not the bombshell, or the bullet bra…but I will have a scooter..damn that is one cool Lambretta.

The photo below is me at the beach with my humble little car. Sigh. The scooter will come soon enough..


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