Song for the day..

I cannot be distracted when I write. This means staying away from the espresso bar around the corner and coffee shops in general…I understand why people enjoy sitting in these places with their laptops to study, read…browse the web, whatever…but I cannot join them. I need almost complete silence. Franz Kafka once said “I need solitude for my writing; not ‘like a hermit’ – that wouldn’t be enough – but like a dead man.” I understand this statement..however I do have an exception. I am not sure if Kafka listened to music while writing, my guess is probably not… I typically do not listen to music when I write but there are moments when I feel the need to. Music has always been a big part of my life,whether it be the first Tom Waits record I picked up years ago, or my very first concert at the age of 16…music is important to me. During the writing process, I have rare moments of victory which must be celebrated with a good tune…lately it has been Calexico. On days when things are moving slowly or it is raining outside, I chose Enrico Caruso or some old delta blues musician such as Charley Patton. There is a song for every mood…it just has to be a good song…one that evokes the moment and does not distract…


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