Jack Kerouac’s letter to Marlon Brando

I came across a very intriguing article this morning while browsing Huffington Post. I saw the name Jack Kerouac and Marlon Brando in the same headline, and thought to myself…gee, the best writer and the best actor of the 1950’s…did they know each other? Long before modern day filmmakers such as Walter Salles came along, American icon Jack Kerouac had a vision of turning his masterpiece novel into a film. He practically begged Marlon Brando (my favorite actor) to buy the rights to “On the Road.” The letter above describes Kerouac’s desire to convince Brando to not only buy the rights to the film, but to star in it as well. I think it would have been a brilliant turn of events if Brando had chosen to play Dean. He was well traveled, and the best actor on the planet at the time. I wonder what the chemistry would have been like between Kerouac and Brando…..we will never know. I am curious as to why Marlon Brando decided to turn down such an extraordinary offer.


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