Quote for the day

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
— Friedrich Nietzsche


4 thoughts on “Quote for the day

  1. Oh you DO have widgets on the side, when I clicked the home page, just not when I clicked the story for a read. This is a great theme, then.

    Tom Waites is an inspiration of mine, too. I saw a video of Tom Waites reading Charles Bukowski. It was GREAT.

    Love the Nietzsche quote.

    Obviously I’ve dropped in to meet you, as you’ve subscribed. Thank you very much, I am very honoured to have you join my telling – your page is so creative! Good luck to all your dreams 2012. Sincerely, Noeleen

    • I am glad you enjoy Tom Waits & Nietzsche. Tom Waits is somewhat iconic to me. I began listening to him when I was a teenager (17 or so years ago). He was much more obscure back then and became more recognized with his 1999 album “Mule Variations.” I was lucky enough to see him a few years back in Jacksonville. It was a dream. As for Nietzsche, he is one of the most important philosophers…to me. I’d go as far as putting him up there with Plato. Philosophy in general tends to be very dry and boring..Nietzsche shook everything up..from morality to religion…he examines everything…and understands that life isn’t cut/dry or black/white. I really like what he has to say about Christianity and “the herd mentality,” as he calls it. He was brilliant. A bit of a misogynist….as for modern philosophers, I recommend Zizek. He is a Slovenian philosopher and is absolutely mesmerizing!

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