What are these?

Name all of these creatures and I will be…well… very impressed. After a considerable time researching several obscure species, I came across a few that I had never heard of. Of course it is both intriguing and depressing to learn that some of these bizarre, fantastic beings are no longer with us.


12 thoughts on “What are these?

  1. What an interesting photopost ~ thank you ! I have seen pictures of yeti crab (hairy) and the one with very long claws, but not this one woah – hide the cats !
    Salamander/frog doesn’t appear to be albino (cave dwelling) but very tiny eyes, so a bottom dweller somewhere I am guessing…will you be giving the answers ..?
    1. looks like a relative of possom, a marsupial of some kind?
    2. Porcupine
    3. see #1
    4. Maud’ Dib ? haha sorry Dune reference…some type of desert thumping rat
    5. freaky ginormous crab
    6. sloth
    7. frogmander
    8. narwhal of some kind
    That was fun ! Fun post, thanks. I am a nature freak !

    • Close but no cigar! I am glad you enjoy the post! I am a nature freak as well. So fun to be able to share these photos with everyone.I typically do not post anything regarding animals since this is technically supposed to be a literary blog only….but I do enjoy animals, particularly the obscure ones. I am a bit of an activist if I say so myself. As for this list…#1 Is a rare aye-aye. They are critically endangered, as are most of the creatures on the list. # 2 is an echidna. They look a lot like porcupines but are in fact known as spiny anteaters. They are named after a monster in ancient Greek mythology. # 3 (looks like a little mouse) is actually called a monito-del-monte. They are native to South America and are some of the rarest of marsupials which do not live in Australia. # 4 is a small spring hare. I had actually never heard of this charming creatures before and was disappointed to learn they were critically endangered. The spring hare or springhaas, live in South Africa and are part of the rodent family. # 5 ( yikes) is a giant coconut crab which are find mostly off the coast of India in places such as the island of Goa. I read about these frighteningly large crabs a few years back in one of my travel magazines. They actually crack open and eat coconuts! I told my lovely significant other about the article a few days later and he didn’t believe me. He thought the picture above was photoshopped until I showed him various photographs of coconut crabs, which finally convinced him of their existence. He was just as blown away as I was. Luckily the crabs are pretty harmless and not aggressive. If I ever travel to the Indian Ocean I will make sure to book accommodations with a door! The beaches on Goa are known to be quite desolate and lightly spotted with tiny thatched cabanas which obviously do not have doors…I will leave the rest to imagination. # 6 is a called a tree kangaroo. They live in the rainforest and in the mountains in New Guinea and Queensland. They are endangered due to habitat loss and hunting. # 7 is a giant Chinese salamander. Pretty freaky looking but a bit cute. # 8 is truly one of the most beautiful of all of the creatures on the list. It is the now extinct baiji dolphin. They were fresh water dolphins that lived in the Yanhtze River in China. They became extinct only recently. China has a pretty poor track record when it comes to its treatment of animals. I usually try and refrain from making hyperbolic statements or hasty generalizations but some of the most endangered species on the plant live in China. China’s wonderful forests are being emptied of some of the world’s most amazing animals. On a brighter note many new species are being discovered in Africa and South America. I will put together a new list of some of the most recent discoveries. Stay tuned….

  2. To my shame, I know none of them, and only guess the last is a kind of a dolphin and I don’t know why it’s out of the water. I’m impressed by Gneiss Moon, that’s for sure.

    But really (you distracted me!) I came by to say I’ve awarded you the Kreativ Blogger’s Award. I’m not sure if you’ve received awards on the blog site before, but I couldn’t help but think of your site, when I received the award 1 Jan (you’re meant to pass it on).

    I wanted to email you the jpeg so you can post it on your site if you like, but I note your gravatar doesn’t have an email address. If you do wish the jpeg (the picture of the award), email me and I will send it to you.

    I’m supposed to tell you directly as well as make a post about it, you see.

    Seeya! 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment! I just updated the list. These creatures were difficult to identify because they are (were) incredibly rare. Yes, the last picture is of the now extinct baiji dolphin which once resided in China. There are no more of them left. Sigh.

      Thank you for recommending the Kreativ blog award! I actually know nothing about any of the blog awards!

  3. Oh my GOODNESS! That coconut crab is terrifying. Like your husband, I also thought it was photoshopped & couldn’t possibly be a real creature. Nature is so wonderfully amazing.

    • Yes, the crab is super creepy. Although they do exist, and are quite large, I do think the photograph was photoshopped. I thought it was real until I compared it to other photos of these crabs. They are super scary!

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