Discontentment and writing

I am stuck in this liminal space…this place in between places where I don’t quite fit. I am feeling adrift and decided to pick up some Hemingway to alleviate feelings of displacement …hoping I would somehow feel inspired again…but to no avail. As much as I love “The Snows of Kilimanjaro,” I found the suffering of Henry to be depressing. I suppose because I can relate to him on many different levels, the story left me feeling unnerved. Due to an injury Henry sustained, he becomes incapacitated and decides to reflect on his inner feelings of inadequacy. He confronts a constant gnawing that he has not dealt with for many years. His reluctance to write despite that fact that he is a writer. Henry and I share a few things in common..his lack of accomplishment when it comes to his writing and feeling displaced in the world.

I am floating in this space between places. I am not sure where it is I am even trying to go. I suppose I should just get back to writing and perhaps things will fall into place…but maybe they are not supposed to..


7 thoughts on “Discontentment and writing

  1. I know this feeling, persistence and patience are the keys to writing. If you want to read an awesome book about writing, specifically the writing process and how daunting it was for even Hemingway, read Editor of Genius: Max Perkins. The best non-fiction book about writing, and famous authors. Keep it up!

  2. This may sound cliche, but this is exactly how I am feeling right now. Thank you for liking my post by the way. I’m looking forward to following to following your blog!


  3. Try to write from your place of hurt, it produces incredibly powerful writing. Of course, sometimes what we feel pushes back, not wishing to commit to page; been there. If this happens, change and separate it enough to ease the pressure.

    • I think you are right…my writing as of late has been more of a stream of consciousness…haven’t written much in regards to suffering and hurt..not yet anyway.I appreciate the advice!

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