Midterms, job hunting, volunteer work…writer’s block

I have been busy as usual and finding it harder to carve out a few hours a day to write. I would love to escape to a nearby island with only my typewriter and a tent. Perhaps a month of solid writing would get me closer to my goal..which is to write my first book. I suppose it is better to not have enough time than to waste it.


6 thoughts on “Midterms, job hunting, volunteer work…writer’s block

    • I do have a typewriter. It is not the 1930’s Remington of my dreams but it works. It is nice to sit on the beach and write. It is something I must get back to. Oh, I hope I never need hair plugs. Nic Cage is looking rather rough these days..

  1. Do you go through periods of inspiration and then periods of writer’s block? I go through it all the time when writing my music reviews. 3 days of furious creation, and then a week where I can’t put together a sentence.

  2. So much distractions in the modern world. I feel your pain.

    You may have a little help coming soon: Nanowrimo – National novel writing month.

    Overall, my best trick is a proper pre-writing process. Starting a project without good preparation can be torturous and lead to the blank page syndrome.

    • Yes, preparation is always a good thing, thanks for the advice. The only writer I know of who does not prepare and ends up writing brilliantly is William Gibson. I think he may be an exception. I can’t pull off that sort of thing… Could you tell me a more about Nanowrimo?

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