Poem-Author Unknown

I do not know what haunts me,

What saddened my mind all day;

An age-old tale confounds me,

A spell I cannot allay.

The air is cool in twilight

The Rhine’s dark waters flow;

The peakof moutain in highlight

Reflects the evening glow.

There sits a lovely maiden

Above so wondrous fair,

With shining jewels laden,

She combs her golden hair.

It falls through her comb in a shower,

And over the valley rings

A song of mysterious power

That lovely maiden sings.

The boatman in his small skiff

Is seized by a turbulent love,

No longer he marks where the cliff is,

He looks to the mountain above.

I think the waves must fling him

Against the reefs nearby,

And that did with her singing

The lovely Loreley.

-Author Unknown-


8 thoughts on “Poem-Author Unknown

  1. “Very good, mystery on the River”. The words you posted reference the beautiful Rhine which pulses through the heart of Germany. Many towns and cities have relied on trade along the river as it wends its way to Hamburg and the North Sea.

    My German grandmother taught me the basics of the language: a wonderful woman who was a nurse on the front line in World War 1 (at just 16), married an Englishman and left her home, and lost her family (including 3 brothers) during World War 2. I’ve never tasted as good a marble cake as hers.

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