Balmy fall nights make me want to….

I took a stroll down by the water last night and was taken in by the scenery. Small lights flickered across the bay.The hazy blue sky was thick with dark clouds which changed to a cotton candy pink in the west. The horizon was brushed with coral clouds which floated in the sky like a painting. Heavy salt hung in the air and the palms swayed ever so slightly with the evening wind. The water was almost still. Pelicans and snowy egrets flocked to their small nesting island nearby while a dozen or so lingered beside a fisherman hoping for an after dinner snack. The long winding sidewalk stretched out before me as I made my way down Coffee Pot bayou. I saw a few brave souls up to their necks in the warm sea while the sound of oars splashed lightly against the water as an old couple chatted in their kayaks. Cyclists sped past me and sweaty joggers panted as they ran into the night, struggling against a blanket of heat. Their only reprieve came when a cool gust of wind blew off of the water to soothe them, if only temporarily. I did not take my bike out this night but wished I had. It was alright though. I found myself deliriously happy.


4 thoughts on “Balmy fall nights make me want to….

  1. Heh heh, thank you. I live in a very clean city. I am lucky to reside one block from the ocean and it is very beautiful here.I often wonder what it would be like to move away. I love the desert and the mountains but cannot escape the sea.

  2. Maybe I’ll try it: Take a walk along the Ohio River with the scent of dead carp and catfish in the air, the smoggy hills of WV in the distance. Pigeons flying overhead. Coal barges on their way to Pittsburgh. Somehow, it doesn’t seem to work as well for me. Wonderful writing. (Yours, not mine.)

  3. There is beauty in gritty things but I am not sure about the dead carp. Do you have any streams,lakes or intact forests nearby? Once again I appreciate the compliment. I am writing again after many years of neglecting the craft.

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