My Nook/Book dilemma

Although I bought a Nook last year and find it to be incredibly useful, I am still buying hard cover novels. In the midst of this fractured economy saving money is a must which is why I am perplexed at my own spending habits. While the Nook is expensive in the short term, books cost very little to upload. I have hundreds of books I have purchased using gift cards and my own hard earned cash yet I find myself unable to turn away a used book from Haslam’s or any other small bookstore. I can walk away from shoes and purses but cannot put down a giant copy of anything by Nietzsche. Since I am saving a lot of money using my Nook why am I still purchasing books from the bookstore? They pile up all over the house and I don’t have enough bookshelves to fit them all. I have hundreds of books stored away up in my folks attic in Maine.I can imagine how musty they have become after all these years. I have abandoned them and feel guilty because most of them have been replaced by my Nook. I have come to the conclusion that I must make a choice between the Nook and books. It makes no sense to keep buying books when I can purchase them for a fraction of the cost using this small device that makes my life easier.Perhaps I am old fashioned and refuse to conform to modern times. I bake bread from scratch and make my own jam. I have a closet full of old threads from the 1930s and I love an old fashioned sewing machine.Yet I am currently typing away on my Mac. I guess I am caught between two worlds and haven’t found which one I am more comfortable living in. Is it possible to coexist in both? I suppose I should embrace my Nook and leave the books behind for now. It certainly makes traveling much easier!


4 thoughts on “My Nook/Book dilemma

  1. I believe that you should co exist in the old way (or the past) and the new way (or the present). You sound like a book lover so although you have a nook you still love to open up a worn paper back or hard cover. Being a writer who publishes in both forms, I embrace readers who like book forms of the book.
    Shameless plug My book Happy Face is available for the Nook at you can check chapters of the book and other works by me (I’m also a cartoonist) on my blog at
    One more thing, I really like your blog and am now a fan.

    • Christoper,

      Thanks for the link. I will definitely check out the book!. How long have you been writing? I do love my Nook as well as my old books. I thought about having a yard sale but I chose not to. I think you are right, it is possible to exist in both worlds. If we forget about everything that is old we lose something important. I appreciate you checking out my blog. I have a account and I am currently working on my fist book which includes poems and short stories.

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