My new bicycle

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Its no Stingray, but my new bicycle is cool. My neighbor’s daughter pointed it out the other day while I was babysitting. I have been looking for a new bike for a long time, but nothing stood out to me until I saw this beauty displayed in front of my local bike shop. I took it around the block and I was sold. Now if only I could find a scooter the same color….


7 thoughts on “My new bicycle

  1. The unique shape of the bike and the pastel color definitely makes it a stunning piece of cycling equipment. The pink dress goes well with the mint green bike. What a lot of fun biking and enjoying life. Stay blessed.

      • Ah yes, I was going to ask about that. Ever since I was a teen-ager I have always gone with some kind of gears on my bike, and would not do without them – even in areas that are supposedly flat.

      • Yeah, the cruisers are perfect for Florida, where it is flat. There are several large hills here…so I might look into buying a mountian bike. Today was lovely, weather wise…the leaves are changing and it was sunny and warm.

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