Metal Firecracker

The lovely Lucinda Williams will be performing at Jannus Landing on 10/19/11.


3 thoughts on “Metal Firecracker

  1. Craig,

    Thanks! I have always tried to listen to music from lesser known artists. Lucinda Williams is one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time. I was introduced to her music back in 1999. I struggled for many years about how I should go about writing. I have to write how I remember things.My last Comp II teacher told me to not use slang and to stay away from clich├ęs. I have a difficult time trying to convey what my life was like then without giving too much away. I don’t know how to write about lovely pastures and family vacations. I am using this blog primarily as an outlet to share my stories about my first road trip across country when I was very young and on my own. One of my biggest influences has been Bukowski.Many people find him to be crude but at least he is honest! There is an authenticity to his poems and short stories that is rare.I will take honesty over mediocrity any day.

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