I spent the afternoon hanging around one of Kerouac’s old haunts.

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Every time I step into Haslam’s I feel as though I am being transported into another dimension. It is like no other bookstore I have ever been to.  I love Strand in New York City and City Lights in S.F. but Haslam’s has a different feel to it. It has been open since 1933 and has an old quality feel to it. Even the odor is old. It gives me a strange comfort. I love old books and buildings that tell a story. I always feel right at home in Haslam’s. It is the biggest and oldest used bookstore in Florida. The collection of used books for sale is astounding. I wander around in bliss for hours before exploring one of the several glass cases up by the counter. These cases hold the holy grail of literature (if you are a fan of Jack Kerouac). There are several signed books for sale but they cost a pretty penny. I am often lured to the glass case but have to break away and return to my favorite chair in one of the many musty corners. I often spend hours at Haslam’s and leave with a bag full of hard to find books. (I cannot not find any Nietzsche/ Walter Kaufman translations anywhere except for Haslam’s).If you ever find yourself in sunny St. Petersburg please stop in and experience this gem of a bookstore.


2 thoughts on “I spent the afternoon hanging around one of Kerouac’s old haunts.

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I LOVE bookstores. There is nothing as good as an old fashioned bookstore. The smell of books is just awesome. Good post. Thanks!!

  2. I didn’t actually view your blog but I did click on your link regarding discount books. I am a sucker for book sales.Whenever I am traveling I try and look for a bookstore in every city/town I stop in. Small, independently owned bookstores seem to be fading with time. I try and support my local shops as much as possible.Here in Florida we have a Barnes & Noble on every corner, as well as Books A Million and Borders (until very recently). Haslam’s is a real gem. Have a nice day!

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